Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Belle Wrap - free pattern

Hello again!

I've decided, inspired by some of the amazing mail blogs that some of my new friends in the League of Extraordinary Pen Pals have, to try and be a little better at blogging. :)

I'm planning on including some mail-related posts in the future, but for now I'm going to stick to a few of the posts that I've had on the back-burner for a long time.

First up is a free pattern that I've been meaning to post since around ... January... Yeah, I know.

I made this wrap for my friend for Christmas so it's named after her. It has not been tested yet, so if you find any errors then please let me know. It's based on a stitch pattern I found in a vintage lace book.

Belle Wrap

Worked in a webbed lace stitch either side of a base chain, this can be as wide as you want it - this is shawl width but working fewer repeats will leave you with more of a scarf width.

After the set-up row, it's just a single row repeat, so really good for when you've got one eye on the TV.

200g of DK weight yarn.
5mm hook.

Centre chain - CH 228. (Increase or decrease in multiples of 7)

R1 1dc into 5th chain, *2ch, skip 5, 4dc in next ch, ch2, dc in next ch. Repeat this across the row ending with 4dc into the last ch.

R2. Ch4 dc in same stitch, ch2, skip ch2space and dc, (4dc, 2ch, 1dc) in next ch2 space. Ch2, skip next 4dc, ch2 space and dc, (4dc, 2ch, 1dc) in next ch2 space. Continue across ending with 4dc in top of beginning 4ch.

R3-12 - repeat row 2. (Repeat R2 until the wrap is around half the width you want it to be. The one I made is 12 rows either side of the chain.)

Second side. Rejoin yarn with a slip stitch to the other side of the starting chain, beginning at the end of the first row - so underneath the last 4dc.

Repeat the pattern again, making sure to finish on the same number of rows as the first side.

At the end of the last row, ch1 and work down the short edge of the wrap. 3sc in the edge of each dc and 3sc in each of the turning chains for each row.
At the end of the short edge, ch1 and continue along the length of the wrap with 1sc in each dc and 2sc in each ch2 space.
At the end of the long side, ch1 and continue around the short side as before.
At the end of the short side, ch1 and work along the last long side, ending with a slip stitch in the ch1.
Finish off. Weave in all the ends.
Block to open up the lace

So, that's it. Enjoy.  If you make this, please link to it on Ravelry - I love seeing pictures! :D


  1. Yhis shawl is beautiful! I have never crocheted a shawl, so maybe I should try it after I am done with my massive granny squares blanket :)

  2. So I managed to post a comment, and the first letter is a typo xD

  3. Thank you! It's a really simple pattern as it's just one row repeated so it will be a good first shawl I hope. I will be linking it on Ravelry but I couldn't get it to work today. :)

  4. British or American terminology?

  5. I really like this wrap! Thank you so much for this pattern and for posting it! I have started working on it, but have hit a snag. May I ask my question here or would you prefer I ask you privately? Thanks again!

  6. Hi thank you for your interest! It is entirely up to you whether you post your qustion here or email me at badschnoodles (at) gmail dot com.

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