Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Day!

I've been 'working from home' today because of the snow. Originally I thought that this would give me time to crochet and write out a couple of patterns I have been working on (and update this, of course.) Unfortunately it didn't work out that way...

I spent the first part of the morning scouring the traffic reports to find out whether it was going to stop snowing or not - I didn't want to look a fool if it all melted by 10am! After I was utterly convinced the snow was here to stay, I took the dogs for a walk. Then I had to melt off their 'snow trousers' when we got back, which is quite an event as neither of them enjoy the bath!

Then I thought that I'd better actually, you know ... do some work.

And then before I knew it, the day had all but gone!

Still, the weather report says that it will snow for several days so I might get some more time.


Well, it's the time of the year for resolutions, hopes and dreams. I'm not usually one for making resolutions as they always seem to be broken by the end of the 10th but this year I have a few vague notions...

1. Keep Calm and Carry On! - This is a work related one; don't let petty people, petty actions and petty problems get me down.

2. Just say no. - Not always, but when it's an unreasonable request I should say so, not try anyway and then feel guilty for failing.

3. Walk before you run, but then run. - (Actually walk more, for a start.) Take one step at a time and don't set myself up for failure by aiming too high. But also, keep one eye on the stars as I'll get there one day.

3. Keep a clear head and always carry a notebook - I have lots of patterns and designs in my head and little time to try them out, but I will keep notes, doodles and designs together so I can get to them all eventually. Or look back and realise they're no good! Either way it's useful.

4. Christmas is coming. - LOL. This year I set myself the somewhat impossible task of making something for almost everyone for Christmas. I managed it, including Mr Badschnoodles' elbow-length cable gloves (based on this fabulous pattern) which I finished at 11.39pm on Christmas Eve! However, I started too late because of a big project I was working on and so every lunchtime, train journey, evening etc. was taken up with crochet and I had no time to even go shopping. This year, I shall start before October and have a go at some decorations, too. I saw a pattern for some lovely crochet snowflakes, but I just didn't have the time.

5. Start selling! - Set up Etsy and Folksy shops and get my stuff out there! You never know until you try.

...and I think that's enough for one year. Hopefully putting them out there into the universe will make them more likely to come true. Or is that only wishes? ;)

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