Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Folksy Friday Stars

This week's Folksy Friday is all about stars. I love star shapes all year round but at Christmas time I think they are particularly apt!

Hammered silver necklace by Dream of Silver
I love this simple, pretty necklace. I don't wear a lot of jewellery (although I do own quite a lot) but when I put a necklace on it tends to stay on for quite a long time. This is the kind I really like; it will go with anything and become a real signature piece.

Glass by Poulsom Glass Painting
Oh I think this glass is beautiful! I have looked through this shop so often! How I would LOVE to drink my Christmas tipple from one of these!

Glass bowl by Lazy Daisy
This is so pretty and there are coasters available too! I think it would look lovely piled high with mince pies! (And I don't even like mince pies!)

You're A Star Birthstone necklace by Poppy Sparkles
This is a lovely gift and it can be personalised with the recipient's birthstone. Poppy Sparkles also has a gorgeous snowflake necklace in the same style, but this week I am posting stars!

Little Ninja Companion by Lilley's
These little Ninjas are so cool and this one's holding a star! I can imagine that once you start buying these they will become quite collectable.

I know it's a bit gauche including my own items here... but I'm quite proud of these and I just noticed that they fit the theme so I'm risking it!

Yin Yang Star Mitts by Badschnoodles

So that's it for this Folksy Friday. I hope you see something you like! :)

In other news, I have a few lovely fellow Ravellers very kindly testing a shawl pattern that I wrote! They are from as far afield as USA, Sweden and Australia! It makes me feel quite cosmopolitan! (Or is that 'feel like having a cosmopolitan!?)
When it's finalised I will be posting it here so watch this space... ;)

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  1. What a lovely starry line up! Thanks for including my star charm necklace x

    1. Wow I love your idea's plz go to my blog it's called puppies rule!!

  2. Lovely lovely things. Love your crochet. I can crochet (was always rubbish at knitting) but haven't for ages. This time of year always makes me want to get going again!