Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I know I’ve been quiet recently and have missed a couple of Monday and Friday postings... *hangs head in shame*

I thought I’d share some pictures of what I have been filling my time with…

But first – here’s the 2nd attempt at purse making, which turned out a LOT better than the first. I made a glasses case for my Dad for his birthday out of tie silk.

Okay, here are some skirts that I made following an on-line tutorial. Well, I say ‘following’ – the first one proved that the tutorial wasn’t right for me so I hacked bits off it here and there and then used it to make a better pattern for the other two.

Originally I was going to make a dress with this fabric, but I think the pattern is a little much for that.

How gorgeous is this fabric? I’ve had it stashed for years but I always knew it wanted to be a skirt. It’s called “Erte revisited” I think.

This pink seersucker I’ve also had for years. I was going to make a bias cut wrap skirt from it, but didn’t have enough.

This is a cover for our patio table that I made with some cute Russian Doll print PVC. It came in the day before I went to the shop – fate!

I’ve got a bit left over – the long strip cut off the bottom to make it the right length so about 3 metres by 30cm – any suggestions? It’s fairly light-weight.

I just love this Ikea fabric. I bought it last year to make a throw-over for our footstool and made sure I got some extra as well. I know most people would say that purple and orange clash, but I don’t see that as a bad thing! I might have enough of this fabric left to make a couple of little cushions, too.

And also, in true make do and mend fashion, these cushion covers were made for a friend out of one of her favourite duvet covers. She’s having a garden party and wanted some cushions to be strewn around the lawn. She asked me to make 2 small and 2 large and anything else I could get out of it. I think I did a pretty good job of maximising the fabric – I used the snap closures already on the duvet for two of the cushions and then managed to squeeze another two large cushions out of the duvet. Each pillowcase made one small cushion. The remnants won’t go to waste either, as I’m going to stuff them with polyfill and make some little random shaped cushions, too.

Sewing was always my first love – in fact, I only took up crochet because I didn’t have the room for my sewing machine! – But although I have slowed down on the crochet front, I haven’t quite ground to a standstill. Look at these cutey booties I was practising this weekend – I do love tiny shoes!

...And before you ask, no I am not pregnant! I just know several ladies who are. :)


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