Friday, 23 April 2010

Folksy Friday - Dogs!

Ooops! I drafted this post the other day, but I've been so busy today and I went straight from work to see the fab Dan Antopolski, so I'm only just posting it in time! But hey, it's still Friday for 20 minutes, so here goes the second of my Folksy Fridays...

For this Folksy Friday I decided to focus on dogs, since that's another of my favourite topics!
I love these Scottie Dog Card by HarveyCraftyCards - the dog is cut by hand!

Next up, see Vicky Valentine for some unique bags, including this lovely Walk In The Park bag. And each bag is one of a kind!

I love this cushion on so many levels! Senor Picklesworth The Geek Mini cushion from Senor Picklesworth. It even says "E=MC2" on the back!

Last but not least is this little felt brooch from DottieDoesDaisies - absolutely adorable! He reminds me of the dog from The Wedding levels in Little Big Planet.

I hope you've enjoyed my little treasury.

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