Saturday, 10 April 2010

...And the Winner Is....

Ok, so entries closed earlier today when I returned from walking the Bad Schnoodles around Gosbecks park.

There were 10 entries in all as icitea had two entries for tweeting about the give away.

So, I copied out all the names in my bestest handwriting ;)

I used my project bag as the hat as it's drawstring so I could shake it up without losing any.

Chris picked the name out for me and then checked with Charlie Badschnoodle that he approved, which he did - we could tell because he tried to eat it...

So then Chris opened the paper and the winner is.... Sonya Watkins!

So well done, Sonya - I'll be emailing you in a minute and the gloves and brooch will be winging their way to you soon!

Thanks to everyone who entered. As a thank you I will give all of you 20% off anything in the shop, refunded by paypal. (For those of you not in the UK, shipping will be the same cost)

Thanks again! I will have another give away at another landmark fan-number so watch this space!


  1. that's great thanks very much Claire and of course Charlie xx

  2. You're welcome.

    Free Pretty Things - I love your blog - now a follower. The DIY Cupcake wraps are lovely.