Monday, 10 May 2010

Momiji Monday - Lovely Day! Also Raffle Prizes and I've won a give away!

Today hasn't exactly been lovely - the weather is more like March than May for a start! But nevertheless for this week's Momiji Monday I have chosen Lovely Day.

She is from Generation 1 and she likes old black and white films and travelling to far off lands.

We lie on our backs watching the clouds Our Lovely Day.

In other news, today I posted off two pairs of gloves to the Caithness Rare Breeds Lovely sheep Raffle. I also made a pair of men's gloves just like these ones that I have in my shop. They are based on the ones that Mitchell wears in Being Human - which is pretty much my favourite show! I figured that there might be some men buying tickets, too and they're often under-represented in the craft department. (I know I struggle with finding patterns for men!)

Also, I have won a give-away! Some crochet gloves from Tafferty Designs' facebook fan site. I am really pleased and can't wait for them to arrive - Judith makes the kind of gorgeous crochet items I am still dreaming of creating. Just check out her Etsy shop!

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  1. are a sweetheart! It was a real pleasure making the 'prize' for you and I really hope you like them! Thank you for the mention and the wonderful compliments! It's a real honour coming from you! Congratulations again! :-)